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(Registered Charity No. 286801).


“SHREE SORATHIA PRAJAPATI COMMUNITY UK” for purposes of this website includes all 11 branches in association with this particular organisation. This organisation has taken reasonable efforts to provide the accurate information on this website. The author can not be held liable for any encounters if incorrect information provided on this website. The author has provided this information to be viewed as their own opinion and up to their own satisfaction. General browsers are not to believe at any time that this is the most up to date information as this website will be constantly change accordingly as the information provided may change. This website has been organised to enforce that they are a charity and are registered with the Charity Commission. The registration number is 286801 for purposes of viewer reference.


“SHREE SORATHIA PRAJAPATI COMMUNITY UK” allows for the general public to browse through the information provided on this website. If anyone shall print for reference purposes a copy of a page or pages of the material provided on this website this notice shall appear on each copy. Permission is granted by the copyright holder to browse and not to reproduce the contents of this website, although to the contrary should a person other than the author require this information for personal usage they shall obtain permission which must be expressly granted from the copyright holder for any other use of the information provided.


This website is strictly for the purposes of “SHREE SORATHIA PRAJAPATI COMMUNITY UK”. The contents on this website is not in affiliation or conjunction with any other website. This website has not been created to undermine or support any other association that may have similar contents or pages. It has not been created or disguised to mislead potential viewers as this website is for the usage and in relation to members of Shree Sorathia Prajapati Community (UK) and is not in association with any other website referring to the abbreviation SSPC UK.


This statement ensures that “SHREE SORATHIA PRAJAPATI COMMUNITY UK” is obliged to keep all information private and will commit to enforce privacy in all matters dealing with personal information provided by individuals of the general public. Under no circumstances will this organistaion avoid compliance by the Data Protection Act. By browsing this website you are consenting to the usage and gathering of information for our research purposes.


“SHREE SORATHIA PRAJAPATI COMMUNITY UK” is legally obligated to the individual under the Data Protection Act 1980/81 to protect all information gained from the general public. Under no circumstances will the distribution of personal information or any specific details to third parties be revealed. The information collected is treated strictly confidential unless otherwise stated.